Wednesday, 1 January 2014

14 Things to Get Excited About for 2014

I could have called this blog "14 New Year's Resolutions" but I don't like the word resolution. Just saying it fills me with dread. It's synonymous with failure. You've probably surmised that I've failed to keep any New Year's resolution that I've ever made! I've never ran in the Dublin City marathon, I've never done a Christmas Day swim, I've never perfected my Spanish. I think I was setting the bar too high! This year I'm making 14 resolutions that I'll enjoy keeping and maybe get to know my city a bit better. Have a look below.

1. Make a Dublin Coddle.
That should be make and eat. I've never tasted coddle. I know, how can I call myself a Dubliner if I've avoided this dish for thirty odd years. Time to face up to my fears!

2. Take part in the Chinese New Year celebrations.
The Chinese Year of the Horse begins on January 31st and the Sino Irish community will be out celebrating in style as they have done for the last six years. There are lots of great events throughout the city and I've never taken part in one. What a disgrace!

3. Art Tea at The Merrion Hotel
It's been a long held desire of mine to check out the afternoon tea at the Merrion.

4. Listen to Handel's Messiah
It's over 270 years old and was first performed in Dublin. Every year there's an open air performance on Fishamble Street to great acclaim. This year I'll be there!

5. One City One Book
I've never read or taken part in any of the One City One Book activities. This year's book is a special one and I definitely want to get involved. It's called "If You Ever Go" and will be a map of Dublin City through poetry and song. I'm pretty excited about it!

6. Giro d'Italia
The Giro is coming to Dublin! On Sunday May 11th the likes of Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish will be whizzing through the streets of Dublin at breakneck speeds. It's definitely one to pick a good vantage spot for.

7. Battle of Clontarf
It's 1000 years since the original battle and I'm looking forward to the reenactment planned for St Anne's Park.

8. European Beer Bloggers Conference
The conference will be coming to Dublin for the first time in June this year. There are lots of beery events being held across the city. It'll be a great opportunity to learn more about brewing and meet some of the bloggers I've been reading for the passed few years.

9. Temple Bar Chocolate Festival
I have no explanation as to why I haven't been to this event in Temple Bar before. Obviously I will have to change that. I've a feeling it wont be too much of a struggle.

10. Try Some Cronuts
I know these goodies from The Marker Hotel are bad for me but I want to try them anyway, hopefully I wont become addicted!

11. Robert Emmet Experience
I didn't get a chance to try The Robert Emmet Experience in 2013 during the 210th anniversary of his death. The event had it's home in Arthur's Pub and I believe they only take group bookings now, hopefully I'll get lucky and convince my friends to join me for an evening... everyone loves a good execution don't they?!

12. Take Part in a Flash Mob
OK, I know it's corny but I want to take part in one! For the past few years NPAS have been doing a Thriller flash mob at Halloween... I'll have to work on my costume though!

13. Visit The Science Gallery
My sister is the scientist in the family, I'll be needing her interpretive assistance with my visit to the Science Gallery. I hear they have a very nice cafe, maybe I can pay her with food!

14. Beer
My favourite resolution! I want to try more new beers, think about brewing my own and get more involved with Beoir and the Dublin Craft Beer Ladies.

Have any of my readers any pleasant resolutions for? 


  1. The Battle of Clontarf was fought between Vikings and "native" Irish. The Normans, who were essentially descendants of the Vikings, did not arrive in Ireland until 1169.

    1. Ah bugger! Brain freeze haha! Thanks for pointing that out! Off to edit.... :)

  2. They sound great, I'm even going to copy some of them! I suggest if you haven't had chimney cake then add that to your list. I've been chasing around the markets for it for nearly a year. It's like they hear I'm coming and they pack the stall up before I get there! So far I've missed them in Howth, Christchurch and Dublin Castle... the search continues........

    1. I'll certainly look out for it now that you've mentioned it! Who will get there first ..... lol!

  3. These are great, I plan to do some myself. I shall be putting 'taste chimney cake' at the top of my list having spent nearly a year searching for it! It's like they hear I'm coming and pack up before I get there! So far I've managed to miss them in Howth, Christchurch and Dublin Castle. The search continues..........

  4. What are your top three resolutions regarding beer? lol :)

    1. I wouldn't mind brewing my own, though, not sure I have the room. My focus for the last year has been Irish beer, I want to spread my wings a bit more, look into some American IPAs maybe!

    2. And, of course, go to the European Beer Bloggers Conference! :)

  5. I saw the outdoor performance of Handel's messiah as a child and have taken part in a flashmob, but have not tried any of the other ides. Though I'd definitely be more enthused about cronuts than coddle.

    1. Wow, you've done a flash mob? I'm jealous!!! :) what was it all about? Did you enjoy Messiah? (That wasn't the flash mob was it? lol!)

    2. The coddle is kind of a bug bear, I really don't want to do it but I feel I should to be credible! Lol!

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